About the Artist

Roger Hudson


Many aspects of my life outside art influenced my attitudes and hence the works. I grew up during the Second World War as an evacuee from London in a country village in Surrey. This was followed by school as an 11-plus Grammar School boy, National Service as a photographer in the Royal Air Force, and, as the first in my family to attend university, to studying Economics at University College London. The years since have featured much social change and political protest all of which have shaped my attitudes as expressed in these works.

Work (and leisure) in London, Dublin and Drogheda, where I now live, took me into various other art forms and media including theatre and films as well as journalism, PR and advertising, technical editing, careers writing, video scripting and directing, and, more recently poetry and novel writing, often forcing my art into my spare time.

This has not prevented me pursuing a practice, accumulating a goodly body of work or from exhibiting it from time to time. Now, at 80, I feel it is time to make it accessible to a wider range of people. I hope you find them as exciting as I did in the creation.