Taking the Scissors to Society

The Photomontages of Roger Hudson


Fascinated with art from my school days, I later became committed to photomontage and to investigating and extending its techniques and styles and subject matters.

Mainly in the congenial atmosphere of serious art classes, I created a whole range of works of varying sizes expressing, directly and obliquely, my attitudes to our society, war, the environment, consumerism, our relationship to animals, poverty, power, success, and other topics. I used variations of scissor cutting and hand tearing, exploring especially the use of templates and the complexity of image, metaphor and meaning this made possible.


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This book collects together 44 of my most effective photomontages – all created from photographs torn from colour magazines – together with two examples of my early oil paintings and my own recollections of my thought processes at the time and a few associated poems. The works are arranged in a sequence that follows the process of my explorations of techniques and topics.

Presented in magazine style, it represents a visual autobiography covering the major part of my life.